Vocational Training

Vocational training

AC repair/Mobile Repair/Beautician/Tailoring/Driving etc.

Jeevan Dhara observed there were many students who would drop out after their higher secondary. This was due to either lack of funds to pursue higher education, outright lack of interest in studies or they were just unaware about the opportunities available to them. There was also the resistance to allow a girl child to study further either due to paucity of funds or due to social stigma. It was in the light of this circumstance that Jeevan Dhara decided to implement its vocational training plan to help people get a trade. This also helped us in rehabilitating our reformed addicts who have cleaned out from our rehabilitation center and were finding it difficult to get a job. We have till date helped more than 4000 people get gainful employment or they have started their own business. 

As times are changing Jeevan Dhara has started computer courses to help the underprivileged get tech savvy and offer them an opportunity to move from a Blue collared environment toward white collared employment; which are much in demand.