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Corporate- More than 75% of our funding in the last two years have come through corporate backers. Why you should give? 

Defining the corporate identity

The charitable element of a company can be a cornerstone of its brand showing the world that they are ethical and trustworthy. It can also define a company as different from its competition, which not only aids the brand image but can be an important recruitment tool for attracting the top talent to your business. 

Better public relations 

Sharing the stories can benefit your company on many levels. Visitors to the company’s website can see what activities they are doing, coverage in the media can reinforce to current employees that they made a good job choice; it can demonstrate to clients, customers and business partners that the organization and its leadership team are dedicated to charitable causes. In addition, in many business awards applications there is a question about the companies CSR practices. 

Employee retention 

Giving employees a chance to give back to their communities also helps to instill a sense of pride in themselves and their organization, which can lead to increased loyalty and better retention. 

Networking opportunities 

Through being part of a charity you can belong to a powerful network of like-minded business owners that you meet with regularly for a joint cause. 

Donate in Kind

A/V projector,  Tablets Laptop, Printer, Camera, Computer,  Office Space, File Cupboard 


Individuals – Help us in assisting even more children nationwide by mentioning Jeevan Dhara on your favorite social network. Every little mention helps! There is nothing more thoughtful than celebrating your good times by doing something good for others. 

Donating to Jeevan Dhara means helping educate/ feed the poorest of the poor we work in slums that have some of the worst living and sanitation conditions globally. A start has to be made and the best person to begin with is you. Your contribution is needed to help keep these kids away from the clutches of child labour and back in school where they belong. 

You can make dreams come true by donating in cash (Via Cheque Online transfers or e payment). An individual can give a onetime donation or even opt for donating one day’s salary or a set amount every month.

Need to have various amounts required for different projects displayed. Food/Vocational/Balwadis/Study class/Capacity Building 

To contribute via Cheque | NEFT | Bank Transfer

Pan Card No: AAATJ7363B

Jeevan Dhara's Bank details

Bank name: HDFC Bank

Branch: Mazgaon

Account Name: Jeevan Dhara 

Account no: 50200075287425

Account type: Saving

IFSC code: HDFC0003976

MICR code: 400240186

Bank address: Premsagar,7/7B,Nesbit Reod, Mazgaon Mumbai-400010,Maharashtra