Capacity Building

1.How to run Balwadi?

Teachers are taught how to handle small kid, how to make the necessary charts, knowledge of foundation studies through knowledge of curriculum.

2.How to form Self Help Group?

Women are taught to form Women’s Group, the benefits of saving and credit and benefit for under privileged people leading to women empowerment

3.Human Personnel Law

Includes a discourse on the right of women under the three religious law, rights of divorcee, special marriage act etc…

4.HIV Camps

Counseling & testing of HIV + & administration work to organizing camp

Counseling and testing of HIV + how to organize camp and speak and networking with other organization

5.Disaster Management

Input are given on how to respond in case you are faced with natural disaster, on how to help others and save other people’s life and self.


How and why fight take place among different religion, who are benefiting, how innocent people are suffering etc.

7.Pre primary training

Women are taught how to evaluate student, learn how to make best out of waste. Which we can use for the educational material.

8.Exposure visit to Mani Bhavan

Learn about the Gandhi’s philosophy and life style, educational and exposure visit