15th Annual Day 

The children and staff of Jeevan Dhara had a blast on it’s 15th Annual day celebrated at the Koliwada Hall, Trombay on 19th of Jan 2020.

A total of 495 children, 20 parents, 38 staff & volunteers of Jeevan Dhara attended the annual function. The reason why they were only 495 children was because we did not invite our KG Montessori, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Std. students. Otherwise the number of children would easily be above 850 children. The honorable chief guest of the day was Mrs. Ashwini Parab, the trustee of Jeevan Dhara and her son Mr. Abhishek Parab.

The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp by Mrs. Ashwini Parab, Mrs. Moni Pillai (Counselor), Mrs. Shobha Bajpai D’Silva the director of Jeevan Dhara, Mrs. Rajeshshri Chiniwala (Volunteer) and Mr. Nagraj Mudliyar (Supporter).

The staff and volunteers sang the prayer "Itni Shakti". The children welcomed the guests with floral tributes. Mrs. Shobha Bajpai D’ Silva, the director of Jeevan Dhara introduced the guests to the audience.

Our talented children entertained the audience with dance, song, cat walk and enlightened us to stay away from the ill effects of addiction through a skit. Mrs. Vijaylaxmi presented the Jeevan Dhara’s annual report to the audience.

The guests Mrs. Pooja Chiniwala and Mrs. Moni Pillai empowered the children with their motivational words and they wished for Jeevan Dhara’s success and appreciated the talent the children displayed.

Certificates were issued to those who successfully finished the Tailoring and beautician course. After the show was officially over, the kids hit the stage and went footloose on Bollywood songs. This is the best part of the program wherein everybody is on stage and no one is watching.

We the Trustees, Management, staff and children of Jeevan Dhara would like to thank those behind the scenes. We mean the donors who helped make this effort to fruition by their generous financial contribution and support in kind.  A big thank you to all of you.