Our People

Vera Monteiro- Ex Kenya Airways 

I earlier worked for Kenya Airways but took a sabbatical at the time of my son’s birth. Recently I decided to take up a part-time job so that I could keep myself busy. That’s when Ms. Shobha introduced me to Jeevan Dhara, an NGO in Mazagaon that provides Services which Focus on Customer Centricity rather than a Profit Making Motive.

Working at Jeevan Dhara is a great pleasure and experience for me. The thing I appreciate most about this NGO is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing flexible hours working. I manage to contribute to the NGO and still have time for my family. Jeevan Dhara also gives me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with supportive colleagues. The space given to me and the great encouragement provided to me has helped me evolve to a greater level of confidence and capabilities.

I am proud to be a part of Jeevan Dhara.

SHAMSHAD SHAIKHI am a teacher at the Jeevan Dhara study class, coming from a orthodox family I was not allowed to go out and work, this project offered me a timely opportunity to work in our area while helping under privileged children improve their grades.

Pinku.S.Kalam I have known Gene Sir since I was a kid, I was raised at the Don Bosco Shelter where he was a regular visitor. When I grew up I started working for the shelter I used to see Gene Sir around and was very impressed by the work he did. After working at Don Bosco shelter for two years I requested Gene Sir to join his NGO. That’s how I came to join Jeevan Dhara, it has been two years now since I have joined Jeevan Dhara.  One of my dream was  to start my own dance classes towards that end I worked very hard, requested many people to help me assist me but none came forward. It is due to Jeevan Dhara that I got the necessary support aand they gave me their facility to utilize and today I am proud to say one of my dream is fulfilled I conduct my own dance classes I teach other slum kids. I love working at Jeevan Dhara I never knew what a home is but if there is anything that resembles a home to me today it is Jeevan Dhara. The love and support I see a child get from their parents is what I get at Jeevan Dhara whenever I am faced with a problem and need assistance I can always rely on Gene Sir for his advice or help. I will put in my best effort to watch this organization grow so that many others like me can know what it is to have a home.

SHAMIM MOHOMMED HUSAINI have been working for Jeevan Dhara for the past eight years, I love to teach therfore this has been a great learning experience for me. My students like me since I try making the whole study class environment fun. I incorporate drawing, art and communication skill in the batch. Many children cannot afford tuitions due to financial difficulties I make it a point to talk to parents and get them enrolled in our study classes pointing out that it is free. I give me immense satisfaction knowing that I am helping others as education is the only means to get a better life.

I like reaching out to my students and they do share any problem they are facing in their personal or family life which is causing some hindrance in their study. I am proud to say all my students are doing well in their studies.

I am thankful to Jeevan Dhara for providing this platform because we all know "Padhega India, tabhi to badhega India". These children are our future we must educate them to  inculcate the right moral, and social values among our students so that they become moral upright citizens. Thank you.

Kulsumbi  Md Naeem Khan (TEACHER)I have been with Jeevan Dhara for more than thirteen years first as a student and now as a teacher.I was good at studies and was tutored by Vijay Laxmi Madam it is due to her effort and interest that I could study further. Today I teach more than 22 children and I am happy that I can impart knowledge to these kids. This has been possible due to the support of Jeevan Dhara and Vijay Laxmi Madam. I want to thank them for being a pillar of support for me.


I have been involved with Jeevan Dhara since the past three years. I conduct study classes for the primary kids initially I used to conduct two batches but due to certain issues now I conduct just one. I was a house wife and used to suffer bouts of depression but since I have started these classes I am much better due the presence of these kids they have give meaning to my life I look forward to the monthly meetings and the interaction with other staff members. I would like to thank our supervisor Vijay Laxmi and other staff members for giving me this opportunity and I assure you that I will continue this good work.


My name is Ashwini Jai Ganesh. I have completed my HSC. It has been two years since I am with Jeevan Dhara. Last year I was conducting just one batch this year I have taken the responsibility for two study classes. We are helping these kids learn but also teaching them good manners. These study class also helps me to earn and help my husband by adding extra income.     


This is my first year with Jeevan Dhara and I teach the primary batch I am happy and satisfied with this work. I have twenty two children in my batch. I hope to continue working for Jeevan Dhara and hope to take on more batches and teach more children in the future.

AMREEN BANU TEACHERI have joined Jeevan Dhara a year back I take one study classes as well as conduct lectures at the community center for XIIth  Arts English. I am proud to be a part of this NGO as they regularly conduct capacity building classes which helps us teachers. Like our logo indicates we are helping people like a brother should help his brother.  Due the this various programs that we have and the continuous interaction with so many parents my confidence has increased manifold and now I am confident to speak to people or address a gathering no matter how large the crowd is.


It’s been five years since I have joined Jeeva Dhara I was introduced to this NGO by a friend who was a teacher here. All I can say it has been a learning experience for me though I am the one teaching the kids here. Thank you for this opportunity JD.


KHUIRSHIDA SHEIKH (TEACHER)I am Khuirshida Sheikh it’s been two years since I have been working for Jeevan Dhara conducting  the ‘Balwadi’ classes. I like attending their training camp and meetings as it helps me learn something new and I have become a confident person since. The biggest advantage for me is that I do not have to venture far from home to do any of this as the trainers come to our area. As I have a small house and cannot accommodate twenty kids Jeevan Dhara has also arranged a place for me to conduct the balwadi.


My name is Aksheer Patel, I have been with Jeevan Dhara for the past five years. I conduct one study class at my home and I also teach Child Development and Psychology subjects to the XIth and XIIth Arts students at the Jeevan Dhara Center.


My name is Vijya Laxmi, I am working with Jeevan Dhara NGO since the past eight years. I was referred to Jeevan Dhara by the then Supervisor Asia who was a friend of a friend. Since I was a kid I always wanted to be a teacher and my aim has been fulfilled all thanks to JD.

From the Beginning I’ve taken two batches of study classes a study classes & a Balwadi. I have also made it a point to attend all the training and staff meetings this helped me increase my will power & confidence. JD has helped me enroll for TOT & Center for Social Action Courses. At first I did not have any degree but after joining this NGO I completed my Montessori course and am proud to say I graduated 1st Class now I have a degree.

After completing three years in this organization I was promoted to the post of supervisor. Now I conduct programs plan and conduct meetings, I also have to visit the balwadis and study classes to take reports meet parents to encourage them to send their kids to our classes. At present I manage more than 500 students and I must say this job has given me a lot of respect in my community.

My husband has been a great support to me in this endeavour so have my children both my son and daughter have enrolled in the study classes conducted by JD. I have also participated in the ‘Saving Money’ scheme started by JD due to which I was able to upgrade from a kerosene stove to a gas.I want to say something that this NGO(Jeevan Dhara) has given me and my family a secure, beautiful, bright life  and a way to achieve my goals. I would like to thank Jeevan Dhara for being there to help people in need.

SHAIKH SHAHNAWAZI joined Jeevan Dhara last year.  I am student of 12th class.  My sister Reshma used to work for Jeevan Dhara as a teacher.  I like to teach children. All the staff in the Jeevan Dhara is good and supportive. Jeevan Dhara works for poorest poor people in the chita camp.  Jeevan Dhara support all the underprivileged people. Jeevan Dhara give help in major medical help.  Jeevan Dhara always give children stationery. I got confidence I was very shy person after joining Jeevan Dhara I can speak to my colleagues because in teaching staff I m only male staff.  I used to stay away from the group now I take initiative in the college also I gain lot of appreciation from my college friend.  I hope Jeevan Dhara give support to many more people like me.  Due to their presence I am finding lot of positive change in me.


IMPOSSIBLE   means I m Possible this I can say Jeevan Dhara did it. Our NGO’s  mission is People Helping people.  Which Jeevan Dhara practices in a true sense. I join Jeevan Dhara eight years ago as a teacher one of my close friend introduce me  with Jeevan Dhara.  I was very much in shell.  After joining Jeevan Dhara I got lot of exposure through training, exposure visit, and seminars.  In past whomever my student now they are doing well in their life. After experiencing this I can say in confidence that this is place where my dream come true. Because whatever good receive from the society I am try ing to give back to the society may be my contribution will be drop in a ocean. I am trying to inculcate same understanding to my student and my colleagues.I got lot of financial support from Jeevan Dhara.  Which improved my life and now I can give quality time to my kids.  Because of this my eldest son got scholar ship for the 10th Class. Due to this social exposure now I am doing   Master Social Work studies.

After observing my interest and liking towards my Social work Jeevan Dhara promoted me as a field staff for the Addiction Centre.  I got now unlimited sky to fly for me there is no limited horizon.  Due to this new work now I am able to meet many families who are suffering due to addiction.

HAFIZA teacherI’ve been working with Jeevan Dhara as lecturer for the 12th std. I conduct Urdu and L.T classes.Due to various social constraints I was never allowed to work; it was due to the work that JD was doing in my locality that gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge with these college students. Jeevan Dhara gave me an opportunity not only to earn but also to contribute to the growth of the young ones. Thank you. 

SAMEER JAHAN ANSARI TEACHERI have been Jeevan Dhara for the past three years. I teach more than 25 children in my study class. I love kids and am a people person so I like interacting with the parents during the course of my job.  Jeevan Dhara provides various facility like drawing classes and also a foot ball coach I am proud of my organization. I not only teach the children I also conduct an evaluation of their progress and if I notice any problem, I try resolving it by interacting with their parents. I hope to continue this work as long as possible.

Naziya (mehendi Teacher)I have been teaching vocational classes for mehendi for the last two years. On an average I have around 20 students. It’s a three month course after which the girls freelance for weddings and other festive occasions. Most of the girls who come to me are not highly educated due to financial and social conditions therefore this helps them  to earn and support their families. It gives me great pride to help out these girls and I wish to thank Jeevan Dhara for their continued support

SAFIYA*(Helper)I have just joined Jeevan Dhara from last year. I help out with the ‘Balwadi’ classes. It has been a learning experience for me. It is also quite convenient for me as it is near to my residence and I can manage to reach home as soon as I finish work.


I am thankful to Vijya Laxmi Madam for introducing me to this organization. I conduct a study class which has 22 students it is due to the dedication of all the teachers and the support staff that we are able to teach more than 500 students. I benefit greatly from this initiative as it is near my home and I don’t have to waste time travelling. This is a much needed program in our area as most of the children cannot afford to pay their fees

Gulam Rasool (Sheikh Teacher)

I teach I.T to the students of  F.Y. and S.Y.J.C. I have been with Jeevan Dhara for the past two years. Describing the experience this year was not up to the mark as the students are not co-operative and sincere. To describe the work of Mrs. Vijya Laxmi was quite supportive and helpful and the understanding with the staff was good. For the next batch we should plan and work hard and hope for good result in the future.