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Individuals – Help us in assisting even more children nationwide by mentioning Jeevan Dhara on your favorite social network. Every little mention helps! There is nothing more thoughtful than celebrating your good times by doing something good for others.

Donating to Jeevan Dhara means helping educate/ feed the poorest of the poor we work in slums that have some of the worst living and sanitation conditions globally. A start has to be made and the best person to begin with is you. Your contribution is needed to help keep these kids away from the clutches of child labour and back in school where they belong.

You can make dreams come true by donating in cash (Via Cheque Online transfers or e payment). An individual can give a onetime donation or even opt for donating one day’s salary or a set amount every month

. Need to have various amounts required for different projects displayed. Food/Vocational/Balwadis/Study class/Capacity Building