April 2015 

16th-30th April Summer camp organized. 

May 2015 

On the 11th May 2015 

CHANCE FOR CHILDREN, GERMANY visited our centre and Mr. Kingsley our football coach brought around 25 football player which included our study class student, they interacted with the donor agency and gave them feedback about how they benefitted through JEEVAN DHARA.They promised to support our football team through Hanover Germany. 

June 2015 

Capacity Building Annual Academic Year Planning 

10th June 2015 Started new academic year of 15 to 16 conducted staff meeting total 16 teachers attended the meeting which included new and old staff. 

16th of June 2015 Orientation of the new staff was on conducted by Mrs. Shobha and Mrs. Vijya Laxmi. 

24th June Football camp with Kairo Group held at Govandi 

27th June 2015 6 volunteers from the Kairo group came and played football with the Baigen wadi children. The Kairo Group volunteers spent time with inmates at Dahanu Rehab. 

July 2015 

On 4th July 15 Kairo youth group along with Genesis Youth Group around 25 people came they played football and cricket at Cheeta Camp ground and after lunch there was a social where all had a good time. 

August 2015 

8th August Magic Bus conducted Awareness about Addiction at the Jeevan Dhara Community Centre. The Chief guest was Sr. Inspector (Trombay Police Station) Crime Branch. 50 women and around 70 youth from the community attended the programme. 

10th August TISS Student Divya started English speaking session with Tamil speaking student 

12th August Magic Bus gave 78 pair of shoes which were distributed by Jeevan Dhara to KG - 4th std. student. 

14th August celebrated 200 years birth anniverasary of Don Bosco at Wadala Shelter Don Bosco. They also organized poster competition the 3rd prize was won by Jeevan Dhara. 

15th August Mrs. Shobha went to Baigan wadi for the Flag Hosting at Vishwadeep Sangh she conducted session on addiction around 250 people attended. 

September 2015 

5th September celebrate teachers day by student where they organized small skit and party for the teachers. 

9th September Literacy day organized by Jan Shikshan Prathisthan participated by all vocational trainee. 

12th September Networking meeting organized by Magic Bus Ms Sudha and Ms Preeti pariticipated by Senha Sagar Mr. Arjun Thakur and Ms. Surekha Jadhav from Jeevan Dhara Ms. Shobha and Ms. Vijayalaxmi all agreed to come together and support each other. 

14th September distributed stationery and study material to Jeevan Dhara Staff by Bosco Fernandes our regular donor. 

15th September counseling started by St. Xavier College Student twice a week Ms. Sushmita. 

October 2015 

17th October Visited Dahanu Center with Mr.Asley, Mrs. Vijyalaxmi and Mrs. Shobha to explore the possibility of setting up clean water facilities. 

19th October Toys and old clothes distributes by Mr. Suresh Herambe, Mrs. Sashikala 50 children benefitted. 

19th October certificate distribution programme conducted by Jan Shikshan Sansthan Dharavi tailoring 20, beautician 20 and fabric painting 15 girls benefitted. 

28th October Sneha Sagar conducted healthy food awareness for the local community in the Jeevan Dhara Hall. 

31st October Magic Bus conducted session on awareness about Addiction Mr. Sanjay, Mr. Rajan and Mr. Akshay from Kripa foundation shared their experience it was conducted in the Jeevan Dhara Hall. 

November 2015 

7th November MAVIM conducted session on Human Trafficking at the Jeevan Dhara hall 30 women and 15 girls participated. Conducted by Justice and Care Mr. Rahil Chatterji and Mr. Vikas Tambe. 

14th November Jeevan Dhara’s 16 student and 2 staff went to the J. J. School of Arts drawing competition where all children got a certificate for participating. 

December 2015 

9th December Sadbhavana Sangh (NGO) conducted a discussion on ‘Water, Gutter and Electricity connection’. Mrs. Varsha and Mr. Bajrang attended the meeting. Mrs. Sana Sheikh presented a talk on Addiction in the Chita camp as part of our awareness programme. 

13th December Christmas party organized by Catholic Gymkhana at Marine Lines. We hired a bus, 49 children and 5 teachers came for the party. There were plenty of games and fun filled activities for the children. The children from Jeevan Dhara mingled around with other kids from The Catholic Gymkhana. It was a glimpse for the kids from Jeevan Dhara to see how the other half lives. 

15th December MAVIM organized the meeting with local women about women law and which was conducted by Adv Asha and Adv Sindu and Sana also presented about de –addiction centre Lonavala. 

15th December Prathm NGO ogranised a test in the community hall about slow learner at the same time Jeevan Dhara Staff conducted same test in their study class. 

27th December they conducted health check up program Dr. Vyas came for the program and Sana did addiction awareness program. 

25th December organized drawing competition from Jr. Kg to 12th class student topics was Favorite Fruit, Your Dream House, Favorite Season, How You Spend Your Summer Vacation, Forest and most important draw a picture on Addiction. 

29th December 9 boys and 10 girls came for the New year Party sponsored by Mr. Russell there were plenty of games and snacks for all. The kids were given parting gifts as they left for the day. 

January 2016 

16th January The 10th annual day program of Jeevan Dhara at Chita Camp organized by the staff of Jeevan Dhara. Our chief guest was Mr. Rajkumar Shinde. 

17th Jan Maharashtra Muslim Front organized meeting in the Jeevan Dhara Community Hall in that Sana gave the presentation about our de-addiction project. 

26th Jan was the Chita Camp Community Canteen day it was organized by Jeevan Dhara Staff there were five stall manned by them. 

28th January conducted De-addiction program at Shivaji Nagar BMC School no. 2 at Govandi.

Womens Empowerment

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Staff Picnic - Badlapur

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Summer Vacation Picnic

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Don Bosco - Diwali Mela

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Christmas Party

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Capacity Building - Beauticians Trip Colaba

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Blind Man Picnic

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Awareness Rally

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