Jeevan Dhara has its inception in one man’s struggle to alleviate the pain and suffering of the poor. 

Gene D’Silva founder of Jeevan Dhara started his outreach work in 1998 in Asia’s second largest slum community namely Chita Camp, Trombay, Mumbai. For the first two years the goal was to get the HIV +ve patients accepted socially by the community. Identifying the needy by going door to door he provided food ration to 350 widows, school fees for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years of HIV +ve widows and providing medical assistance to the HIV +ve patients. Simultaneously from the 3rd year Balwadis and Study classes were started to help the children ... MORE


Empowering women, youth and children within the community marginalized by poverty, the scourge of HIV and substance abuse (mainly their husbands and youth), by providing them education, training and rehabilitation and ultimately assisting them to obtain gainful employment. 

Mission Statement

To help ‘the deprived’ towards a better tomorrow


People Helping People 

We believe if an empowered individual would come forward to take up even a fractional responsibility of a person in need, sustainable change is possible.

1.How to run Balwadi?

Teachers are taught how to handle small kid, how to make the necessary charts, knowledge of foundation studies through knowledge of curriculum.

2.How to form Self Help Group?

Women are taught to form Women’s Group, the benefits of saving and credit and benefit for under privileged people leading to women empowerment... MORE